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What to expect from a logo designer or creative agency

Since you are reading this article, we can believe you are looking for a great logo designer or design agency, but don’t know what to expect.

Your journey to finding the best logo designer or advertising agency for the job can be overwhelming. This article however is only talking about what you should get after you have selected your preferred designer or agency.

Different file formats

When you are happy with the final logo your designer or agency created, you should get a whole range of different file formats. Typically, we are talking about images as well as the source files of the logo. Meaning you should get “flattened” JPG files, for print as well as for the web. Source files, typically Illustrator. If the designer used Photoshop to create the logo, keep in mind that when the logo is created in Photoshop, it is much more difficult to use the logo on a bigger scale!

If the designer or agency only provided you with a flattened JPG file, you have been ripped off! Keep in mind to ask for the source file.

Whole range of color formats

When we talk about different color formats, we mean files for print and for web. Files for print should be created in CMYK. This refers to the inks in a printer. Besides CMYK the designer or agency should also provide you a file with RGB colors, these are the color standards for the web.

Of course, a lot of programs can change CMYK colors to RGB, but it is wiser to let the designer do this job. Not every color in CMYK provides the same effect as it would in RGB, meaning color changes must be made to provide the same feelings when seeing the logo.

Black and white logo

Every logo design should be accompanied by a black and white version. This is very important if you would use the logo on merchandise items. Besides that, one color printing is much cheaper if you would like to opt for that later.

Multiple scaled sizes

When you are provided with all the files, you will find yourself with different file sizes. This to provide you with all the files you should need to get started working with your fresh and new logo.

Favicon – Icon

The favicon is often a forgotten logo icon that is necessary for your website. It’s the small image used in the browser title on your website. It’s a minimalistic version of your logo (16×16 pixels).

Other files may be included when the designer or agency provides you with the final logo files. If you need a specific file, don’t hesitate to ask the agency or designer and make sure it is included in your design contract.

If you don’t know where to start or what agency to work with, feel free to contact us for more details on how we work and what we can do for you.