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The client is always right, or isn’t he?

We’ve heard it all; the client is always right, the customer is King. Every freelance designer has experienced that after presenting your great design, the customer wants something totally different and wishes to change directions.

But who’s right, the client or the designer?

The designer’s side of the story

Let’s first look at the designer’s point of view. We, designers know our job. We know what attractive and clear communication is. Communication with a purpose. For years we have studied and gained experience. We can therefore assume that we know the best possible solution for the client’s problem.

Before we start digging into a design, we make a study. What is the corporate culture of our client; which values wishes the client to reflect; what is the desired target…? All questions that we ask ourselves and where we are trying to find the correct answer.

After this study, we start a brainstorm. We let our imagination run wild and select the best ideas on which we focus on. From here on we begin making sketches, after which make a further selection of what we think that would best match to match the client’s needs.

Once we think we’ve found the right solution to the problem, we present the design to the customer.

The client’s side

But from the start the customer has his own idea of how the design should look like.

Besides who works so many years in its sector? Who knows his business better than himself?

If the customer contacts the designer, he often has a picture in mind of how he would like the solution. When the designer proposes his solution to the client, this doesn’t always match what the client had in mind.

Everyone has his own style and ideas, his own idea. We must keep in mind, however, that we design not for ourselves or the customer, but for the customers of our client. We have our design therefore focused on the latter.

Our Conclusion

It often happens that the customer eventually follows our view, but we must keep in mind, the customer is and remains King. We are the client’s consultant and the key to success is working together!

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