Oxygen – Brand identity design

Client: Oxygen

Project: Brand identity design

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Bc&O – flyer design

Client: BC&O

Project: Flyer design

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Integrating your brand into your business

With all the businesses popping out every day, it can be quite tough to make your company and brand exceed your current and future competitors. You have to constantly improve your branding, your customer satisfaction and the overall performance of your business. So how do you start to integrate your brand into your business?

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Doyouno – logo and icon design

Client: Doyouno

Project: Logo & icon design

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What Makes Up a Good Brand?

Creating a good brand is never easy, it involves a lot of research, efforts, consistency and time. However, if you know what you are doing and how to do it, you can always pull it off. There are some features that all good brands share and can make the foundation of your brand too.

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Make Your Business Memorable and Recognisable!

Make your brand, and thus business memorable and recognisable is the second part of my 4 article series about branding. If you want to find out what branding exactly means, and why business owners should care about it, make sure to read the first article here.

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Gujarati – logo identity

Client: Gujarati

Project: Logo design

427 Engine – LOGO DESIGN

Client: 427 Engine

Project: Logo Design

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What is Branding? And why Should Business Owners Care About It?

One of the terms that marketing professionals often talk about is branding. It is one of the concepts that might seem vague. This is the first article of a 4 article series.

To understand branding, you should first know what brands are. In most simple terms, a brand is an image or idea of a certain product or service that consumers connect with. Marketing that image or idea is branding, and its goal is to make the name or logo of the company recognisable.

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